Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This last week we have had a little visit from Cotton the guinea pig! My friend Kylie is overseas at the moment and Noah and I have been very happily looking after her little critter. Having Cotton around reminded me of when I was growing up and my parents would give me animals as presents :) I had a pet sheep, bantam chickens, a rabbit and a duck :) After losing interest in looking after the rabbit and the duck my parents gave them to their friends and my beloved "Fluffy" the rabbit ended its life as soup:(
Ahh Cotton, may you live a long life!


Selina said...

Don't turn cotton into soup while Kylie's away!!!
Mitch's photo's have been great, luv seeing them.

mondo cherry said...

Soup! I don't think I would ever eat soup again! Cotton looks very content to be at your place. Missed seeing you around, hope you are well.
Clare x

Mitchell & Luana said...

I still remember the day those friends told me our cuddly little flopsy mopsy and fluffy became rabbit soup :-( Love the guinea pig - might have to come visit for some cuddles! xo

Renata said...

I was going to say the same thing as Sel- don't turn it into soup!!!
We bought our kids a guinea pig last saturday, but sadly on Sunday they woke up & it had died in it's cage (not sure why).
I'm sure you'll take good care of Cotton (what a cute name)!
Have a nice day
Renata :)

Catherine said...

Ouch! Soup! You poor thing, that would have been very hard. I know Stacey can't eat red meat since her Dad made her eat her pet cow. Sorry, bit serious. Enjoy Cotton - I'm glad they didn't name it "Fur"! xx

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